Marianne North Week

Welcome to our Marianne North Week 2020 Virtual Exhibition!

This is our third Marianne North Week and every year we celebrate the life and work of the Hastings-born, inspirational artist. Ignoring Victorian traditions, she travelled the world alone, painting exotic plants and landscapes. There was no such thing as colour photography in those days so her paintings were very useful for scientists and botanists in Britain to learn more about vegetation around the world.

She was not afraid to travel alone and explore the jungles, mountains, deserts and rain forests of the places she visited; she had only one rule: to “not go willingly anywhere I cannot see my feet.”. Marianne North often became ill from tropical diseases but she never gave up and loved her adventures!

Click the link to test your knowledge in our Marianne North Quiz:

Due to COVID-19, we couldn’t have our traditional Grand Exhibition in the hall, but instead we are displaying your amazing art work here on the website for all to see! It is divided into Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2; please click the links to see the artwork!

Key Stage 1 GalleryKey Stage 2 Gallery