Sacred Heart School

Welcome to Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, Hastings.

We provide an excellent education for all, encompassing spiritual, intellectual, social and cultural growth where everyone is valued and encouraged to develop fully.

We aim to do this by:

Ensuring a friendly, secure and stimulating environment to learn.
A Commitment to raising standards and achievement.
Maintaining Gospel values at the heart of our school.

At Sacred Heart School we provide an excellent education for all which encompasses spiritual, intellectual, moral and social growth within a friendly, secure and stimulating environment, where everyone is valued and encouraged to develop fully, where we are committed to raising standards and achievement throughout the school community in an orderly and industrious atmosphere, where Gospel values are at the heart of the school and are shared with the wider community around us.


Sacred Heart School is situated in its own extensive grounds off Old London Road, just above the picturesque Old Town of Hastings, and is the official primary school for the Parish of St. Mary Star-of-the-Sea, Hastings.

Formerly a private school for Secondary girls, the school changed in 1964 to a Voluntary Aided Primary School to provide primary places for the Catholic families of the parish.

The building suffered problems in the late ‘80s when the hall subsided. This was replaced by a new wing comprising hall, library and kitchen. The building continued to be developed – including the enlargement of the staffroom and construction of a porch over the main entrance.

In October 2009 work started on a £1.4 m project to construct a new hall and convert the existing hall and entrance into new offices, library, drama, SEN and PPA rooms. The old office area was transformed into a Learning Lab. This work was completed by September 2010.

The grounds are also being constantly improved.

The building adjoining the school was formerly a convent, but following the departure of the Sisters in early ‘80s, it fell into disuse during the ‘90s but has now undergone a major refurbishment as private accommodation.

Many former teachers and pupils now have their own children and grandchildren attending the school and strong links continue to be fostered within the Parish and local community. The school has a single form entry (30 maximum) at age 4.

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